Anime North 2012

This isn't the first time I'm going to Anime North, Toronto, but it's the first time I get back with photo footage like this. I've been there with my lovely friends and, like every year, we rent a minibus to go there. It's obviously cheaper to organize transport and hotel for a bunch of people.

Once we got there, the longest was to wait in line to get our passes. Right then, we had less than 2 hours to look around inside the main building for the Dealers' room, Artists' alley and partners' spot. Needless to say, the remaining of the weekend went to cosplay hunting!

Some nice folks were there too. I got myself a copy of the third Super Shot album (signed by DJ Shimamura, himself!) and got a poster of the last album!

We couldn’t hold ourselves from “vandalising” that “Hello” sign every year. Sadly, the letters have been removed this year after our first offense