Comiket 82

There we went this weekend! All the pictures below have been taken with Androgynus’ little compact camera, since I didn’t want to bring all my stuff at the most crowded place I would be visiting in my life. We went Friday at noon and found quite a bunch of people right out of the train heading to Tokyo Big Sight.

The market was nice and it was less crowded than I imagined, but then Saturday was really different! This was the crowd I was waiting for. It was actually hard to move through all the people who was waiting in line and/or stuffing the tons of stock they bought. We really saw a lot of people coming out with a bunch of full boxes on carts.

Above, you can see how the market looked like from one of the entrances. It was split in two giant rooms and the stands were grouped by their main subjects. For those who’ve been to Anime North in Toronto, each one of those rooms was around 6 times the size of AN’s dealers’ rooms. In addition to all this, there was stands who were gathering long waiting lines, which were surprisingly well organized. However, popular stands were facing outside through truck delivery gates so their lines stood outside instead of blocking the already crowded path inside.

It took us an average of 2 hours and a half to see each stands in one room. The worst in all that is that the stands change from one day to another, so you can discover even more interesting stuff over the weekend.

One bad side of this event: It was open from 10am to 4pm. Not so bad when we look at it but if you want to avoid long lines or intense crowds, do not go there before noon. Then there are many stands that are just there for the morning rush. So you manage to enter at around 12-13pm and many stands start to pack everything up at 2pm. The picture above shows how it already looked like at 3pm.

I managed to get some awesome stuff and, overall, it was awesome! There are really talented people out there who are struggling to get a bit known. This is a place where you can find unique stuff, and have a unique experience. Now, gotta go there at winter!